Special Guests are customers that always come to your restaurants. They are the only types of customers to speak actual dialogue. Most of them always order their favorite spices on their food (if that food doesn't intentionally need to require spice) and they will be happy if each part of their food has their favorite spice on it. You can guess what spice a guest wants by tapping on their image on their order ticket. If the player is stumped, they can buy the question mark to the right which reveals their favorite spice.

List of guests Edit

  • Count Steakula: A vampire that likes to order rare meat items (which are barely cooked meat).
  • Jimbo Jambo: A boy that is fat and bald with a sweatband on his head. His spice is gravy.
  • Hootenanny Pete: A somewhat toothless, somewhat bald but gray-haired and golden-skinned man with a can on his head. His spice is onion powder.
  • Sweet Tooth: A bald, somewhat toothless peach-skinned boy. As his name implies, his spice is brown sugar.
  • Sally Bitters: A woman with brown hair. She orders sour spices.
  • Maria Papita Rosita: A typical dark-skinned Indian lady in red. Her spice is pepper.