Larry Cheezler
Game Debut [[{{{game debut}}}]]
Gender Male
Specialty Bait and Switch!!
Cost (for 5 days) 2 Gold Coins

Larry Cheezler is the high salesman. He gives you "Good!" ratings on everything he cooks. Oh, and makes people order Chef's Specials.


  • "A hika hika burnin' love! Get it? Burnin'?" - Food Burned Quote
  • "There's a fire on the way!" - Fire Warning Quote 
  • "Get ready to drop some rope!" - Fire Warning Quote
  • "I'm tryin'. I'm really tryin'. I'm just about out of steam..." - Fatigued Quote
  • "I need a break..." Fatigued Quote

High PricesEdit

  • Good! at El Fuego!: 4 x 3
  • Perfect! at El Fuego!: 8 x 3
  • Good! at Stuffloni's: 6 x 3
  • Perfect! at Stuffloni's: 12 x 3